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Andrew M. Boyd (@boydspace)

@britchenn Can you make it a bit more colored and nice to show the bishops?

Andrew M. Boyd (@boydspace)

@britchenn thanks

Andrew M. Boyd (@boydspace)

For a project in my seminary, I am desperately looking for an architect/contractor to give me a hand with some prelim drawings! Help needed!
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    • Ss. Cosmas & Damian Parish and School

      Bishop Lawrence Persico assigned Andrew to Ss. Cosmas & Damian Parish for his Parish Continuum Assignment. One of Andrew’s tasks was to bring the Parish and School’s websites up-to-date under the direction of Monsignor Joseph Riccardo.
    • Prince of Peace Center

      After a summer internship at the Prince of Peace Center in Farrel, PA, Andrew Boyd was asked to redesign their website. After a few days of discussion, implementation of their newest website was put into action. The center is now setup to continue their mission by greater contact and connection with the online community.
    • Divine Mercy Encounter and Community

      After participating in the Divine Mercy Encounter retreat program, Andrew Boyd offered to manage and maintain their website. As the retreat progeam begins anew, we here at Boydspace Networks are working diligently to provide to the needs of the retreat program with a plan to have a complete design by September 2013.
    • Saint James Roman Catholic Church and School

      Boydspace Networks and Spacht Webs have continually been working on Saint James’ website for the parish as well as the school. Saint James is Andrew’s Home Parish while he continues his studies to be a priest for the Diocese of Erie.